Subsea Insulation As is a focused and dedicated supplier of insulation solutions and related application services, based upon Dow Corning´s silicon based insulation material XTI-1003.

The company operates out of Radøy, Hordaland, Norway, and utilizes the owners (Mundal Subsea and Radøy Gruppen Insulation) competence and resources in executing projects. Long and relevant experience with design, production and quality assured processes targeting the subsea industry, together with cost efficient operations and great flexibility in mobilizing the required resources to ensure a controlled project execution, are some of the company´s strengths in supporting our development and strengths during the years ahead.

Subsea Insulation works in close alliance with Lindberg & Lund, and together with Dow Corning makes the group a quality oriented total supplier of materials, solutions, insulation services and documentation to meet the strict requirements and expectations within the subsea industry.





Atle Landro


Mobile phone: (+47) 90 88 42 93

Email: al@subsea-insulation.no

Sven A. Hjelmtveit

Project manager mouldes

Mobile phone: (+47) 46 91 97 11

Email: sah@subsea-insulation.no

Lasse Bruvik

Project manager application process

Mobile phone: (+47) 96 906 415

Email: lb@subsea-insulation.no

Glenn Ferkingstad

Project manager mould fabrication

Mobile phone:(+47) 94019507

Email: gf@subsea-insulation.no


Subsea Insulation provides application solutions and services in conjunction with Lindberg & Lund and Dow Corning.

Lindberg & Lund AS and Subsea Insulation AS are dedicated partners in providing subsea insulations materials and application solutions – based upon Dow Corning´s high performance subsea insulation material – XTI-1003, meeting todays and future international standards and customer requirements.

Lindberg & Lund AS


Dow Corning´s leading position as an international supplier of materials and technology amongst industries like the offshore and subsea market, founded the basis for development and qualification of XTI-1003, the silicone based insulation material for subsea applications.

Dow Corning